Shradha Wasu

My daughter Suvana has been with the National Ballet for the last 3 years. She has been enjoying it thoroughly and her ballet techniques and confidence has grown immensely. Mr Sameer Mehta who organises the classes and the infrastructure at the Academy is very organized and has a keen interest to see his students grow. Every 6 months they put on a Ballet Recital in the Air Force Auditorium, it has always been well planned out and allows each student to show what they have learnt over the last 6 months. My daughter has gained a lot of confidence in performing on stage in front of a few hundred people and she was only 5 when she first performed. Renata the ballet instructor really works relentlessly with the girls and helps them diligently to reach their full potential. She gave my daughter the confidence and inspiration to perform a solo piece at the last performance at the age of 6. She is also assisted by Mike another ballet instructor who makes sure that all the children focus in class and perfect their postures, which is sometimes hard for such young girls. All credit to the teachers and to the team!

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Mrs. Shilpa Agnihotri Pandey

"My daughter Aryaa started ballet at NBATI last year when she was four. This is her 3rd term.She enjoys her Ballet lessons and looks forward to her classes. She wasn't perfect with her steps and her moves in the begining, and was apprehensive during the first few weeks. Gradually she started to get her steps right and since then there is no looking back. The instructors are very friendly; Aryaa really likes Mike her instructor who she thinks is always smiling :-). She looks forward to the recital at the end of the term especially to wear the beautiful costume that is designed just for the recital.It sure is a pleasure watching your kids perform on stage in front of real audience. It boosts their confidence a lot at this young age. Keep up the good work Sameer and Mike !!"

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Mrs. Meenal Bhatt

“This is going to be Avani’s 3rd semester at NBATI and over the past year, I have seen the change from “I don’t want to go to class” to “who is coming with me today”. She not only looks forward to class but I have also seen her try the ‘balancing’ act at odd times (like studying). Avani proudly shows her dance to family and friends and can now do some steps on music that she has never heard before! The end of semester program is an absolute delight where you get to see all the hard work the kids and their instructors have put in. NBATI offers a good blend of fun and professionalism, both a must for teaching kids. Kids after all should have fun learning.”

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Abhinav Sood

"My daughter has been taking ballet classes at NBATI for two years and she really enjoys it. She has made some great friends in her class and loves seeing them every week. She looks forward to the recital at the end of the term when she gets to perform on stage".

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Mrs. Megumi Bolger

“My daughter started ballet at NBATI when she was age 4. When she saw her first NBATI performance, she loved it and had a strong desire to be on the stage with the students. So, we immediately signed up to start the lessons. Once she started, however, she was extraordinarily shy, and I was so frustrated since she was not participating in the classes (even though she had a dream to be on the stage). We kept struggling for almost 2 months and then we invited one of her best friends to join the class, who then joined. From that time she happily joined the lessons, and my husband and I were proud to see her dignified appearance on stage. Of course, we signed up for next session, and now she is on her third session. One year ago I was nervous and frustrated coming to the classes; but now, she can’t wait to come to the class. Once she arrives at class, she is ready to ballet and pays strong attention to what the teacher says and does. To be honest, she didn’t like summer break when she couldn’t come to the ballet lesson for 3 months! She loves the teacher as well. He is so kid friendly and all students love him. What I also like about NBATI is that this ballet class is rather serious, not just girls having fun. All the students have a goal to be on the stage; while the teachers and parents want their kids to shine and have fun on the stage. If student can’t concentrate during the class, the director contacts their parents for the improvement. I’ve kept recommending NBATI to my daughter’s friends, not only because my daughter loves to have friends at the classes, but also girls can learn real ballet skills while living in India. Oh, another unique thing at NBATI is that it is very international. Half of her class are international students; American, English, French, Chinese, Japanese and more.. My daughter and I are so glad we found NBATI, and can’t wait for the next performance in December!!!”

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Mrs. Deepa Goel

" My child Sara joined the academy when she was 3.6 yrs now she is going to be seven . A wonderful journey where she would not leave my lap..and would not go to the dance floor to where she would keep dancing now even @home. The best part is the culture @ the academy no pushing just cultivating the natural instinct in the child. The attitude that they instill in the child gradually is wonderful.Great work! kudos to all ! "

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Ms. Amanda Fisher

Our best spokesperson are our students. One student wrote this about our instructors and the academy: “They are perfect pictures of heritage excellence. Not only are they sharing their excellence with the NBATI Arts Community, and not just in ballet. I am learning so much from them every day. I will remember the things I have learnt for the rest of my life. Together they are making me a better person."

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