Dress Code

Students are required to wear leotards, tights and shoes of a designated style and colour with the NBATI emblem depending on the assigned ballet class level.
The school uniform guidelines must be adhered to at all times. Grooming is an essential part of the performing arts and your child should be correctly presented for each class that they attend.
For new starters, please wear clothes which do not inhibit movement while exercising for the trial lesson.
The class uniform can be procured at our studios during the class timings


You may wonder why it is important to be wearing a uniform at dance each week. Not only is a uniform an indicator of belonging to a functioning team, but it also offers a variety of other benefits for both students and teachers in class.
1. Teamwork. Having a standard dress code encourages students to work as a team. More cohesiveness and a greater bond between students can be achieved when they look the same and all adhere to the dress code of the studio. It can even help dancers to better visualise how their group dances will look when they dance together on stage in their costumes.
2. Practicality. Wearing a uniform ensures dancers are dressed correctly to enable teachers to see the alignment of their bodies while dancing. Wearing the uniform also ensures their clothing is safe and practical for dancing, as well as puts them in the right mindset for dancing. Wearing loose clothes or items with heavy zippers can be unsafe and inhibit the ability to properly participate in class.
3. Equality. When everyone is wearing a uniform, it helps to reinforce the idea that all students are equal, which is very important to our values at NBATI. ‘Looking the part’ of a dancer improves confidence and helps students feel a sense of equality and reliability to others. Uniforms also eliminate any distractions about what others are wearing and help students to focus more in class.

Please feel free to contact our academy Director,

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